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From Medeli on 15.05.2012, 03:21:


Hi! I found this program on the web, and i think it may be the one for me, a couple of questions: is it possible for me to control PSYCLE from my MIDI keyboard, via PreSonus AudioBox USB (which i will buy) and then load sound VSTīs into PSYCLE, and play them? i am not interested in sequncer-recording, only to have many sounds to choose from, is this possible with PSYCLE?, can somebody inform me? " Medeli"

From shadowbane on 15.05.2012, 18:43:


Yes, Psycle supports live playback from a USB MIDI keyboard. A lot of people use this kind of functionality when writing patches or sketching out ideas on a keyboard before tracking them.

the shadow runs form the light, but can never be fully driven back.

From Medeli on 15.05.2012, 21:01:

  No sound!

Hi and thanks for answering! i did a test with my Midi-keyboard, and connected it to my laptop, (without Presonus,dont have it yet) PSYCLE recognized my keys, but how i tried, there was no sound! reconfigured the MIDI parameters over and over again! i dont understand why there was no sound?! pse help...

From shadowbane on 16.05.2012, 18:56:


Make sure that the instrument you are trying to get to play is connected to the mixer device (right click and drag to create a connection), that it is selected, and that Psycle isn't muted and is using the correct output device if applicable. The first one is the one that most people trip up on when starting out with psycle.

the shadow runs form the light, but can never be fully driven back.

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