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From Abuck35 on 12.05.2012, 02:29:


I'm trying to make a retrigger effect in the middle of a sample and I can't get it to work.

I'm using a sample, with the native sampler generater, and when I put the command 15xy the only thing that will change is volume.

And when I try the FBxx or the FAxy the only thing I get is a short little one line sound that just sounds like static.

I can get a nice retrigger effect with this Glitch VST I have I need to make the sound at a certain spot.

From shadowbane on 13.05.2012, 19:06:


I have never used Psycle's builtin retrigger effect, but if you have A VST you like you could automate the gains on the clean input and the input from the retrigger plugin to get the effect you want.

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