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From Akuma-Plant on 08.04.2012, 16:35:

  How can I make better looking skins?

Hey everyone, I've just started learning how to skin psycle and I'm finally starting to get somewhere with it. However I'd like to become better.

So can anyone give me any tips or point me in the direction of some good tutorials?

Your input is greatly appreciated

This is the first skin I've made.

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From ksn on 08.04.2012, 21:14:


i can't help you but i can tell you that this is classy

@ksniod on twitter

From RonaldWilson on 30.04.2012, 10:57:


There's a quick tutorial here: http://psycle.wikia.com/wiki/Quick_Tutorial

Hope it'll provide some help to you.

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From JenniferLar on 12.05.2012, 11:30:


Has this tutorial helped you?

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