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From [JAZ] on 31.03.2012, 17:00:

  Prerelease of Psycle 1.10.1


I've just prepared a .zip file with what will be the new 1.10.1 version:
UPDATE 16 april 2012:
32 bits
64 bits.

This build contains mostly bugfixes, but contains one important addition: Support for multi-io VSTs.
Now, using multiband compressors, multiband filters, machines with multiple out channels or even vocoders should be possible.

This change implied another change in the fileformat, but the songs should be loadable on older versions, without the pin mapping. (although there could be problems if the send/return mixer is used).

Also, an important addition versus the 1.10.0 release is the new winamp plugin, which I released as alpha a couple of months ago here.
The one in this zip has better seeking, support to configure multithreading and more information. Also, it now saves the settings where winamp expects them to be.

I will probably release it officially next weekend, with updated help with info on multi-io.

See what's new in the included whatsnew.txt file

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From ksn on 31.03.2012, 21:46:


Congrats !!!

@ksniod on twitter

From [JAZ] on 01.04.2012, 12:18:


Hello all.

Yesterday i fixed a couple of problems with VSTs and multi-io so i've updated the link with a new version.

I am aware that this version still cannot make Fabfilter Pro-C use side chaining.
I have contacted Fabfilter and I am waiting for an answer on how to tell the plugin to enable the feature (button is greyed out).

Keep in mind it is still an alpha, so tell me any problems you find. (Create a new thread on the tech boards)

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From [JAZ] on 01.04.2012, 21:10:


Thanks to Angelus and jme for their help testing the alphas.

There is a new version available in the first post with more bugfixes. The problems were mostly around wrong volumes with VSTs on song load/save.

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From [JAZ] on 16.04.2012, 23:18:


A new version of the prerelease .zip is added to the first post of this thread.
This time there is the 32bit version and the 64 bit version.

It includes several fixes for the multi-io, fixes some crashes and errors with the send-return mixer and improves some native plugins.

Note: Arguru synth now has three types of noise in the waveform. Sampled noise is the one used in previous versions. The low noise is the one used in old versions of the plugin, and the white noise is the one added in 1.10.

So if you used that waveform in a new song, you might want to change the plugin parameter to the correct one.

The final release should be ready before the end of the month.

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