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From Roel Smit on 18.02.2012, 13:22:

  Layering drum samples

Hello there,
I was trying to layer some drum samples, but I can't get it to work when using the sampler and note duplicator.

at the moment I have:

2 bass drumsamples
2 samplers
a note duplicator, sending note commands to the 2 samplers

the problem is that they both play the same sample!
how do I get them to both play another sample?

layering in the note duplicator must be possible, since the note duplicator manual says:

The note duplicator allows you to control more than one machine with a single machine e.g. to play multiple synths at once using a single note, or to layer several bass drums together.

From shadowbane on 19.02.2012, 00:42:


The note duplicator doesn't allow this (as of version 1.8.8, I should upgrade on my laptop.) The way to do this is to copy/paste in the sequencer and then use the "change instruments" option with the entire column selected.

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From [JAZ] on 19.02.2012, 20:01:


That sentence is misleading, sorry. It was meant as in making a sound mixed from several layers played at the same time.

There isn't a way to generate an instrument from multiple samples right now. Sampulse was meant to allow that, but the machine is unfinished.

So you can only do what shadowbane suggested.

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From Roel Smit on 20.02.2012, 13:00:


thank you both for your answers,
I searched for a vst sample player(tried grizzly)
but it has no sample playback.

From shadowbane on 22.02.2012, 06:17:


A VST sample player will be completely independent of the samples loaded into psycle as the VST format doesn't have stuff to deal with this use case. You will have to load the samples into the VST itself if you want to go that route.

the shadow runs form the light, but can never be fully driven back.

From loganm2977 on 26.02.2012, 17:39:


TX16 by CWi is a free VSTi sampler that clones/emulates A very nice yamaha sampler from the 90's. It can layer as many samples as pyscle has voices, you can set samples to SPECIFIC velocities and layer multiple samples at different amplitudes to the same key on a keyboard capable of sending velocity/sensitivity messages. Most really cheap midi keyboards do this. Anyways, TX16 works GREAT in psycle and takes very, very little cpu. Using Psycles native sampler takes about twice as much as TX16. Personally I find it convenient to load an instance of TX16 for every sample I use in my drum kit. Each instance of the TX16 vsti is then dedicated to one drum. With say, the free big mono sample pack which has sixteen velocity layers, this means with Psycle each intance of TX16 is playing 16 samples of the same sound, mapped from C3-C5 on any pc/laptops keyboard. With four or five instances of TX16 this means you have a velocity sensitive drumset, for instance, on your laptop, which, if it's like mine, is minimal in it's technical capabilities and cpu speeds. I hope I articulated that well and that helps. I can't stress again how low it is on processor though, especially because it doesn't load the samples into Pyscle, it looks for them elsewhere, if you know about programming you'd get it better than me. Later

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