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From Corwex on 26.10.2011, 16:42:

  Master vol. hotkey (+ relative automation)

I've been using Psycle for about two years now in my no-budget improv setup and have to say I couldn't be more happy with it - well, perhaps a bit, which is where my suggestions come in.

First, I could really use the possibility to link master volume, to hotkeys that would increase/decrease the value, be it gradually or by a pre-defined amount.

Second (really a more general version of the above): I would love it if sequencer could not only send fixed values to machines/effects, but also relative ones, e.g. "increase the current value by X". I suspect it would be difficult to implement this for all knobs, but I had to ask anyway.

Thanks for considering these - now I'm finally off to give the new version a proper try!

From [JAZ] on 26.10.2011, 21:12:


Mmm... I think i don't fully understand the need for the master volume to be controlled by hotkeys.

If you just need to increase/decrease it slightly and the mouse isn't precise enough, you can use the master parameters window, click on the master volume slider, and then control it with the up/down arrow keys.

If you need to decrease it "just so that it does not clip", there's the checkbox in the master parameters window that does it automatically.

I don't see the need to be increasing or decreasing it "live", although I might add support for the MIDI command that does it. (I want to improve the MIDI side of Psycle some more, and that could be one option to add).

Also, I don't know what hotkey combination would be suitable for that. Psycle has many hotkeys already!

The next question makes me wonder... Did you really mean "hotkey" or "pattern command"? Master volume can be controlled with the command FCxx (although it has a limitation. volume cannot be set above 0dB)

On the question about tweaking parameters:
I don't fully understand the situation here. Are you asking for a "twk" that would send values relative to the previous one, instead of as absolute values?
This would require a new "twk" command, and the current value can be easily obtained, and there's the notion of min and max values.

Or as in "do not jump from one value to another directly, and instead slide fast to the new value"?
This is done by the tws command.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From Corwex on 27.10.2011, 00:20:


Sorry, I just can't seem to express myself clearly sometimes... As for master volume, I did not realize the slider can by controlled by arrow keys (duh!), I guess they will do. The idea was to adjust volume on-the-fly without fumbling with mouse or external mixer (sounds pointless enough, I have to admit).

Regarding the other thing,

a "twk" that would send values relative to the previous one, instead of as absolute values
is what I had in mind, e.g. "add 500 hz to the current value of lowpass frequency knob".

From [JAZ] on 27.10.2011, 20:28:


The thing about the slider is not obvious, and only works in this dialog (usually, Psycle tries to capture the focus, instead of leaving things focused).

About the twk command, I believe it cannot be as descriptive as that. I can only tweak by the values the tweak accepts (the numeric ones), and the program does not know what value corresponds to what visual value.

(In this release of Psycle, I've tried to make the display show real values, like Hz, dB, ms... instead of the many meaningless values it used to. That does not mean that now Psycle knows about these values).

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From Corwex on 28.10.2011, 00:41:


Just a clarification: I should have probably used a more general example, of course I would fully expect relative tweaks to use the same "abstract" values current tweaking uses.

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