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From KERMITT on 17.08.2011, 09:47:

  Psycle.8.8.post-beta3-x86- 20110310 bugs

I downloaded this new PSYCLE .8.8.post-beta3-x86-20110310 and it bugs right from the start on my XP

When I start to install it...a red crosses window tells me """ can't install because universalis.dl not found """

Is there a newer version for XP with all bugs fixed ? because at the time being I use a very old version of psycle, but all working...

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From [JAZ] on 17.08.2011, 11:29:



That .exe file is not the installer. That is an updated exe that needs to be copied over the installed beta 3.

You can download the installer for beta 3 here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/psycle/f...a3.exe/download

When you get that one installed, you can overwrite psycle.exe with the one in the zip.

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