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From Wandering Genie on 05.08.2011, 23:23:

  An experimental piece with a GBA

Im experimenting with a Game boy advance. I recorded a small piece using the sequencer of the Game boy camera, jaming a little with it, and then recorded some lines with electric bass and alto sax (finally filtered the sax with an amp simulator).

I still have to master the audio...

The name of the song refers to the way the game boy camera takes pictures.


Thanks for the listening!

From Directionless on 12.08.2011, 22:21:


You still have to master... the theme!

Still.. very interesting results. Thanks for sharing this intriguing style.

So exactly how much of this is a Psycle production?

From Wandering Genie on 13.08.2011, 01:12:


Thanks for listening and your comment!

And you are right about the theme, in fact the whole thing is a jam.

There is no Psycle here, Forgive me if I gave the impression that I used Psycle here, it was not my intention. Thats why I added this in "off topics".

From DroneAlchemy on 26.09.2011, 11:51:


I think that's really cool

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