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From fireblade744 on 06.07.2011, 16:10:

  YMidi Machine Help

I've been trying to figure out how to use the YMidi machine in psycle. I've never used a midi machine before so I am new to this. Could someone show me what I need to get it working?

From [JAZ] on 06.07.2011, 20:05:


Yannis Midi is just a midi output machine, that will output to a midi output port.

In the stable version, it simply outputs to the default windows midi port. In the beta version, the first knob allows to select a different midi output port.

MIDI is just a stream of commands. You need a software or hardware to read from that stream and convert those commands into sound. Windows includes a software midi player, which is used by default.

If you don't get it working, simply forget about this machine. You won't miss too much.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From Rafdows on 07.07.2011, 03:42:


That can be usefull if you use midi yoke, to connect psycle to cubase for exemple, so you can compose with psycle and that can "directly" go in a cubase container, to avoid to use the piano roll, if it's the case, say it and I'll explain how I make that...

From fireblade744 on 08.07.2011, 18:26:


So can I use midi software to use the beta version, or is it unusable?

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