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From Wandering Genie on 18.05.2011, 16:17:

Adolphesax Big Project 3

Adolphesax.com is probalby the main source of saxophone information in Spanish language, it is based in Spain. There is a forum there where you can find lots of info about that great instrument. There, from time to time, we develop some projects involving our isntrument,a s well as some other insturments such as guitar, trombone, EWI, flute, etc. And we have only one goal in mind: enjoy making music.
Recently we have made our third project and I would like to share it with you. Most of the players are from different parts of Spain, and there are also people from Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina and Mexico. We played Herbie Hancock´s clasic "Watermelon Man". I´m the one who plays the electric guitar in the video.

I hope you´ll enjoy it :


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