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From [JAZ] on 07.05.2011, 17:54:

  A bit of Psycle's history


I've uploaded some old files that reflect part of Psycle's history. Concretely, several alpha versions that I've got, and an unofficial multisequence Psycle that once existed (But which was never an official build).

I also wanted to show a screenshot of what, in 2001, was the first temptative at Psycle 2, but I can't run it right now (i only have a debug .exe which requires a debug dll that i don't have right now). I will try to get something from it, because it had an interesting idea for multisequence (multisequence was actually a slide of a pattern, not a pattern by itself).

Psycle alphas: http://psycle.pastnotecut.org/download/f...%20versions.zip
( Contains 0.30, 0.45, 0.50 , 0.80, 0.92, 0.95 and 0.98 )

Psycle 0.30 Screenshot: http://psycle.pastnotecut.org/images/screen/psyalpha.JPG

Psycle 1.6 multisequence : http://psycle.pastnotecut.org/download/f...e_sequencer.zip

Screenshot: http://psycle.pastnotecut.org/images/scr...le_multi_v2.PNG

Qpsycle alpha ( 2008 ) http://psycle.pastnotecut.org/download/files/qpsycle.zip (the big size is because it includes QT libraries so that you don't need to install it).

Screenshot: http://psycle.pastnotecut.org/images/scr...win-rev6846.png

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From ksn on 07.05.2011, 22:28:


Thanks a lot JosepMa

@ksniod on twitter

From Angelus on 08.05.2011, 17:34:


Sniff! Sniff! ...time goes by.

Thanks for sharing [JAZ].


(???)Oo. X( :( :| :) :)) :D .cC(Psycle!)

From iLKke on 08.05.2011, 23:51:


It'd always fun to see these things.

From Sallecta on 09.05.2011, 10:53:


Thanks for sharing!

From MfM on 09.05.2011, 22:39:


good stuff and well done josep,god save you


From MfM on 09.05.2011, 22:41:


oh....it was "GOD BLESS YOU" instead of "save you"!! LOL


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