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From Wandering Genie on 06.05.2011, 20:53:

  Hello From Argentina

Hi People,

Im Carlos Devizia and Im a musician from Argentina. Though I play mainly traditional instruments such as alto sax and electric guitar, I love the virtual instruments too. Im relatively new to trackers and I found that Psycle is a very interesting tool. I used it in a track Ive made with my son for an experimental music album, and I hope to learn more about it to really use all its possibilities.
I love different kind of music and I am influenced by very different styles of music and artists.

You can donwload my music for free here:



or you can listen to it online (and also donwload it here:



Well thats all for now, thanks,


From ccharter on 06.02.2012, 21:55:


Nice work.

From daceyblyson on 09.02.2012, 10:31:


I recently download your link...I like your music, I hope you will share some more link with us.

From Wandering Genie on 09.02.2012, 14:47:


ccharter and daceyblyson:
Thanks for listening and for your comment

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