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From pixotika on 23.02.2011, 02:34:

  Harmonizer Created Vst chain

Well after a week of testing vst plugs to get a good vocal, here is what works for me. I use vsthost, bring the wav in from psycle, and use the vst host wave player found on vst host web site. I then hook up a mic and play it through this chain. Ambienc/easy vox/
and side chain avox choir. I will try an ansi draw below.

---------------Avox Choir-(p1)--------------out

the brackets contain my settings. I hit play on the wav player, Hit record on vst host, and you now have a wav of my psycle song with vocals. Now you can get fancy, if you want to add vol controls, and wav recorders, it is possible to just record the vocal line, then import that back into cycle and add it to your tracks, then do your mix down. Its just depends in what you require. I tried many chains , large and small up to 8 vst effects , this seems to work best for me. No noise, good reverb, good compression and limiting, done simple and with factory settings. Hope this helps somebody. Not much on the web for vst singing. I am about 3 weeks intp Psycle, LOVE IT GUYS. I have tried all the features and am very , very pleased. Works great for vst work; my main love. Will Post my song soon.

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