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From marcsonn on 10.09.2010, 03:37:

MIDI Control of sequencer

Hello all; I'm new to Psycle. Trying to figure out how to assign a MIDI command to a sequencer "key". I have everything hooked up in Psycle, and when I press "z" (the equivalent of C4, I believe), I can play the track in the sequencer, etc. What I want to be able to do is the same thing, but with my MIDIMouse (Tech 21 footswitch) instead of the computer keyboard. I'm looking all over in there and can't seem to locate such an animal.



From [JAZ] on 10.09.2010, 19:26:


I am confused... Are you talking about this box?


It seems that the box only changes the program index, how would you use it as a keyboard?

If you want it to select which generator is being used, then I have to say that it is not possible right now. I was thinking on it, and may be possible if I get the motivation to rework all the MIDI input, so that not only things like this, but also using knob controllers to change parameters could be much easier than now.

What it is possible right now is, if you use a VSTi that accepts the program change midi message, configure the MIDI Controllers page in the settings dialog to "Record RAW midi as MCM", and you select this instrument (as in using the PC keyboard makes it play), then, your box could change the program of the VSTi.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From marcsonn on 25.12.2010, 07:59:


Thanks for the reply Jaz. I think I've got most going what I need; sorry that I didn't keep up with the thread. I didn't check back and I though that the board would send me a notification when something was there.

I have a Rolls Midi Buddy running things and seem to be doing well with it. One thing I can't seem to figure out is how to "decently" stop things. I have a pattern set up, but when the pattern "runs out", it returns to the first pattern. What is the midi, or keyboard pattern, to stop everything?

Thanks; everything you do with Psycle keeps the world turnin'!

From marcsonn on 25.12.2010, 08:03:


Sorry to add a reply to a reply, but...

It seems like I'd have to add a "CC 125" to the end of my pattern. Is that right, and how do I do it?


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