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From [JAZ] on 13.08.2010, 22:14:

  Psycle development: August 2010

Good day.

I would like to say that i'm preparing a new version of Psycle: a new beta.

I almost abandoned Psycle development the last months, but due to some threads here, and how much I like the software, I decided to fix and improve several lacking features.

Right now, I have a build of Psycle compiled with a newer version of Visual studio (2008 instead of 2003 or 2005), newer versions of used libraries (boost 1.41, and our helpers and universalis libs) and more importantly, multithreading.

This build is based upon the good and tested Psycle 1.8.6 (it doesn't use psycle-core, so forget everything i said about it in February). It works quite well and the small tests i've done look positive.

This version (when finished) will aim to make Psycle work better with newer machines (not that it really had problems, but actually using multiple threads will definitely be positive), and improve on several areas that were lacking.
I want to finish the fixes and improvements I started months ago with the plugins, and, if possible, adding Wasapi audio support for Vista/7. (All current modes work well, but using wasapi exclusive should be like using ASIO, without needing specific drivers).

At last, but not least, since Psycle builds with x64 now, I want to make an x86 to x64 wrapper for VSTs, so that Psycle users don't need to use third party wrappers for using older VST's with the x64 build.

And the last wanted feature is, definitely, allowing multiple psycle configurations. It should be handy in several situations.

Release of this beta will come in the following days (I will probably have to prepare an installer and all that)

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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