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From Steve883 on 13.08.2010, 09:39:

  Anyway I can load this onto psycle?


I can't find a way to load this up

From [JAZ] on 13.08.2010, 18:39:


I don't know what happens to the plugin.

I am trying to run here on win7 x64 (so yet even more possibilities for it to fail), and indeed, it shows a message with the word "SynthEdit" saying that it misses a resource.
(1.0 version shows the proper name of the missing resource. 1.1 version shows garbage in the name)

I don't know what may be happening. The only solution is to ask the developer to debug his plugin using psycle's host so that he can understand why it's not working (in case the file does really work on other hosts...).

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From Steve883 on 13.08.2010, 19:41:


I managed to load it onto psycle because you need the samle folder to be with the .dll file, I just realized this.

I can sort of make it play but it gives of a constant sound burst for some reason :-/.

Running on XP.

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