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From iLKke on 11.08.2010, 03:08:


Hello everyone.
I've been toying with psycle for a while, so I decided to share a little skin I made a long time ago.
It is based on a program called aersostudio which looked nice but I didn't find very useful.

Hope you like it!

Get it from here:

From shadowbane on 11.08.2010, 03:53:


Looks pretty nice, and the pattern view looks very useable. Generators and FX are a bit big for my taste, but I have a tendency to like minimalism...

Anyway, nice work.


the shadow runs form the light, but can never be fully driven back.

From Sallecta on 11.08.2010, 19:29:


I've found your work really ergonomic and eye saving. thank you very much for that job!))

From Angelus on 15.08.2010, 16:49:


Great! Long time since the last published skin. It's nice to see new looks for Psycle. Thanks.

PS: Ouch! I should finish the one I'd started 2 years ago.


(???)Oo. X( :( :| :) :)) :D .cC(Psycle!)

From iLKke on 16.08.2010, 18:53:


Thanks for all the kind words.

BTW, most of the links to skins that only got released on the board and not included in the download section are now dead

Perhaps whoever is managing the downloads can add those missing skins?
Also, It'd be great to host this one, since I'm practically borrowing other people's web space.

From [JAZ] on 16.08.2010, 19:39:



About older ones.. I don't know. If anyone has them we can manage to put them on the site. We used to have few space, but seems it's better now.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From iLKke on 17.08.2010, 00:39:



Is it possible to put up a screenie like the other themes have, or at least add "See a screenshot at http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/4424/skinpv.jpg"; to the desc text?

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