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From Asterra on 23.05.2010, 07:54:

  Psycle and MIDI - How do I enable it? Help!


Four hours, and nothing to show for it. Psycle refuses to play nice with my MIDI keyboard. It fails to recognize that I have one hooked up and functioning.

I can choose the appropriate input device ("PCR 1" in this case). But that doesn't get me anywhere. I have also taken time to grab MIDIOX+MidiYoke and confirm that the keyboard is working fine, via its ability to monitor raw midi data and even play it back using a simple piano patch. I have also tried forwarding the midi data to Midi Yoke port 1, and then pointing Psycle to Midi Yoke port 1, with the same results as usual.

Speaking of monitoring, when I check Psycle's "MIDI Monitor", the "Psycle MIDI Active?" box remains stubbornly unlit. Perhaps this is the problem? Is there some very well-hidden switch in Psycle which basically turns MIDI functionality on, and I've merely overlooked it after all these hours of painstaking troubleshooting?

Basically, I can get this keyboard to work with every other app, but not Psycle. So my best guess is that there is some esoteric option I need to checkmark which will fix everything.

From [JAZ] on 23.05.2010, 17:46:


I will give a few hints on why it may not be working:

* MIDI has been implemented to work only with MME waveout and ASIO. It is not enabled when using Directsound

(Originally, this was because of some syncronization problems. It may not be a problem nowadays but I have never took the time to retest).

* You need to select both, the midi input and the midi sync. (I guess you already have done so, since the default already works).

* The checkbox under midi sync has to be unchecked for your use case (this is also the default, so i guess you have it too)

Since you say you can select the keyboard, you already don't have another of the problems:
The list is only updated at lauch time, so connecting it after launching psycle would not show it.

If after this, you still don't have that "Psycle MIDI Active?" box lit, I wouldn't know what more to say without first-hand checking.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From Asterra on 23.05.2010, 19:19:


Yeah, I did read that hint about MIDI not working with Directsound. Sadly, Psycle was defaulting to MME, so that wasn't the issue.

Correct, I toyed around with the "midi input" and "midi sync" very thoroughly. The drop-down gives three choices related to my keyboard ("PCR MIDI IN", "PCR 1", "PCR 2"), and then there are the eight Midi Yoke ports. I have tried every permutation possible among those three PCR options and Midi Yoke 1 (which should also have worked), as well as the "midi sync" option of "Same as MIDI Input Device".

And I played with the checkbox also

In actuality, Psycle seems to have no problem recognizing the existence of my keyboard even if I turn it on after Psycle is already running. This unfortunately still doesn't cause it to work.


Okay, interesting. Switching to ASIO 2.0 caused Psycle to suddenly play nice with my keyboard. Can't use ASIO 2.0, though, because it doesn't generate audio for me. What a fun development.

From Asterra on 23.05.2010, 19:26:


Alright, I might have spoke too soon.

Psycle receives my keyboard note playing, but the MIDI Monitor only reflects this under "Receiving MIDI data?", and only when I actually do something on the keyboard. Every other green light in the MIDI Monitor remains unlit, including "Psycle MIDI Active?" Same deal when using Midi Yoke 1.

From [JAZ] on 23.05.2010, 20:01:


Errm.. I think that's just a distracting bug.

Now that i've rechecked, there's still one check there to not work with a driver different than Waveout.

It should work with ASIO for entering notes in the pattern editor and playing with the machines, although it probably won't work while the song is playing.

(Been quite a while since I last toyed with that, and I don't have the midi keyboard here now. Btw, it's an Edirol too, so I know it works. Or worked....).

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From Asterra on 26.05.2010, 20:18:


Since you had an ol' Edirol working in Psycle before, perhaps you can offer some advice on a final issue I've been having.

This PCR-50 has a few knobs, sliders and buttons on it. When I bought the thing, it was specifically with the intention of taking advantage of those knobs and whatnot to control the various simulated knobs in VSTs.

Thing is, I can't get Psycle to do anything with the midi information which is sent whenever I adjust one of the knobs/sliders/etc. As with keyboard playing, Psycle's MIDI Monitor sees it happening (again without showing MIDI as active or any of the other bells and whistles) but that's it.

The MIDI Controllers tab would seem to be where I might take a stab at setting this up (although it would be far more convenient if I could, for example, right-click on a knob in a VST and say "This is now my MIDI knob #1". Convenient, and minimally confusing). I find the Controllers tab rather confusing. Regardless, I tried my best, fiddling with it for hours, with zero result.

Side note: This PCR-50 has had more than half of its keys fail, and this happened within one month of ownership. It's apparently a known issue, and one which Edirol has reportedly resolved before without asking questions. Although in my case, they seem content to forward me to a pay repair service. Blah.

From [JAZ] on 27.05.2010, 19:21:



It's in the legacy section, but to say it's old... http://www.rolandus.com/products/product...p?ProductId=705

I bought it precisely to have a first hand experience with MIDI on Psycle, and I saw the limitations that you've telling me.

I planned on redoing this. The plan was to have a setup to configure the keyboard for psycle (What the MIDI controllers tab tries to do, but doesn't), and then another configuration in the plugin itself, that would allow the user to tell to use specific knobs at wish. The plan was never acomplished.

Right now, the midi is only really useable if you configure the Midi Controllers tab like this:

Leave the "Map Velocity" checkbox enabled
Check the "Record RAW MIDI as MCM".

This last check will make it actually be able to send the keyboard knobs to VSTs and do the action that it has been configured *in the keyboard* (with the PCR Editor).

It only works for VSTs because Psycle native plugins don't understand MIDI, while it is the native language of VSTs.

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