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From DrSalvadork on 04.05.2010, 21:01:

  Can't find classic vst pack D:

Hi, I happened to lose some of the VST I used to use. Some of them were part of the classic vst series from kjaerhusaudio.com. But now that I went to download them again the whole site is gone!

Does anyone know know what happened to kjaerhusaudio.com? Did it move? Are the vsts still available somewhere?
If someone still has the classic vsts from there, could you please send them to me? Or post a link to them here? Or something? Cause they were pretty awesome... It's a big shame if they're gone.


From SAS on 05.05.2010, 16:33:


Found a working download here

Hope its what you're after.


i appear, just to disappear again...

From DrSalvadork on 07.05.2010, 21:05:


Thanks, that's presisely what I'm after!
Have a nice day!

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