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From [JAZ] on 08.02.2010, 20:04:

  Psycle development status, february 2010

Hello everyone.

This is an update on the development status of Psycle and its related projects.

The tracker is getting an important recoding. The current alpha version (right now named 1.8.9) already uses psycle-core, has a better undo management code (still incomplete), has better graphics code (still some work to do here, but the source code is easier to maintain).

It still is in alpha status, as in many things (especially in the pattern editor) needs to be finished.
Some new features include pattern zooming (instead of having to set a fixed lines per beat) and probably a volume column (still not coded, but the underlying code supports it).

This is the multi-platform engine that we've been coding since 2006. Right now it supports almost everything that the original supported, as well as true multisequence, more columns, higher precision tweaks and something that gets important nowadays: multithreading. The stable Psycle is fixed to a single thread.
There is a work in progress about adding support for multi-io, but work has focused in other areas.

Plugins are getting a source code cleanup and fix wherever possible.
They are made sample-rate aware (i.e. play the same way with different sample-rates), fixing several problems (with multithreading, compiler optimizations,...), trying to make them work in different platforms (just windows and linux are being tested right now) and using the opportunity to make the source code more elegant.

this is a command-line player that we use to test psycle-core. basically it plays .psy files in windows and linux.

Work was stopped one year ago and still hasn't restarted. It would need a dedicated developer so that it can get up to functional state.

I don't know when it could be ready, but my intention is that before 1.8.9 is released, a new version, is released with these changes:
multithreading (i believe this can be hacked in from the psycle-core code into existing psycle), the complete new set of plugins, and both, an x86 and an x64 version.

As I say, don't hold your breath, but this is feasible.

Ps: Like SAS said recently in a thread, I am not gone, I simply stepped down. This is why I am here telling you about new developments.
I am still interested in some other person to take over the role of leadership and give another push to Psycle.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From [JAZ] on 13.08.2010, 22:13:

  Psycle development: August 2010


<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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