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From mariuss on 02.02.2010, 12:37:

  Lashstudio - some goodies from an old fan of psycle


Because psycle was my first free software for music fun, I'd like to give something back, a tribute, and that's why I'd like to announce here the 4th release of my lashstudio module.

Lashstudio is a quick and dirty, LASH centered, suite of applications. It is packed as a squashfs module for Puppy Linux. I recommend it for testing linux audio platform, but there's also vst support.
Endlessly playing around with linux audio applications (http://linux-sound.org/), I was thrilled when I realized that some of these applications can be used with LASH (LASH being a nice feature of linux audio, trying to wrap many applications at once). Also an ardent Puppy user (http://puppylinux.org/), I found that Puppy offers a great environment for running audio and midi applications without the imminent need for special system configurations or to patch the kernel for real-time capabilities. So, I tried to figure out a LASH only setup with synthesizers, samplers and effects, midi sequencers, audio recording and other sound and midi apps. After some time of compiling and testing, the first lashstudio sfs module was born and it looked like a great way of tasting the speed, the practicality and the power of linux audio apps and of Puppy Linux altogether.
So, the adventure continues with more fun!

Download at http://sourceforge.net/projects/lashstud...tar.gz/download
Webpage: http://lashstudio.sourceforge.net/


From Ali Bla Bla on 03.02.2010, 20:57:


I want to use Puppy or DSL in live mode on my old 386 with svga but the cd don't want to boot.

My point of view is for the moment, a psycle user have nothing to win with Linux if he is not interesting by the midi composition.If he want to create with midi, he have a big selection of software on Windows and Rosegarden on Linux is hard to beat.

For a good presentation of what Linux can do with music creation there is also the live CD Musix because they have done differents setup of possible configurations with Rosegarden and a demo that come with.

For the VST. Lmms on Ubuntu is the easiest way.

This way how to present demo can also be an inspiration for the future release of Psycle. I mean to explore differents style (techno, pop, rock, jazz, classic...)with an association with a specific setup of natives.

Sure for a new user, it can be useful to have something
to start in the kind of music he like.

From jennyloves on 09.08.2010, 04:45:


hi, i want to have a try to use it, i like music , but i haven't get any good ways to move on. may be your advise could be good , thanks any way.

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