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From ALY on 02.01.2010, 14:49:

  help! tweaks via midi controler

i have a little prob ... i want to edit the tweaks via my midikeyboard but when i activate "rec.tweaks" i canīt give any input ... just when it is deactivated ...
could anybody give me an tip 2 do it right!???

From Angelus on 02.01.2010, 16:55:



Please, don't uncheck "Record tweaks" and try the following steps (I assume that you can play notes with your MIDI keyboard):
1st) Go to "Configuration" -> "Settings..." -> "MIDI controllers" tab
2nd) Check "Map Velocity" and "Map Pitch Wheel" to record them from your MIDI keyboard (I never tried the other controllers)
3rd) Check "Record RAW MIDI as MCM" so Psycle will automatically the MCM command.

Remember that you can perform a "live record" of this commands too while pattern is playing.



(???)Oo. X( :( :| :) :)) :D .cC(Psycle!)

From ALY on 03.01.2010, 00:31:


THX Angelus!!!

now is there an mc_m 4 the twk command in the lines...
but psycle gets frozen when I edit the mc_m code [in realtime] while the VST ("Alieno") is open
(if it is just activated it is ok)

perhaps someone has got an idea ...
the config in psycle is exact the by Angelus posted...
I do use the oxygen25

THX and a HAPPY-NEW-YEAR @ll of U! lg alex

From Jadewin on 15.06.2013, 12:56:



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