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From thecomposer on 08.12.2009, 18:43:

  How to change volume of built in instruments??

They don't have any OCxx paramaters! I tried typing OCxx in myself but I can't because the O key is recognized as a sound input and it wont let me enter it in!

From [JAZ] on 09.12.2009, 10:55:


It is not the letter O. It is the number zero 0.

Also, I guess you write it in the fourth column.
Doing so in the first one will probably write the note D#5.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From shadowbane on 09.12.2009, 17:18:


If you enable the "record note tweaks" it will put the 0cxx in where it needs to be, and even record your note velocity if using a midi keyboard. Otherwise you will get all of them playing at 0cff (the loudest)

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From Sallecta on 14.12.2009, 20:19:


one more way:
use GuidoVolume machine)

From AlacratStore on 24.09.2012, 19:15:


I think you must be try "tube" instruments you push buttons, move valves, cover holes, etc to control where the air escapes the instrument, or how long/short is the tube when you put air into it. The bigger the volume inside the instrument at that moment, the lower the note.


From RollandRo on 30.10.2012, 06:37:


I hope any of the above solutions have worked for you composer. Do post your status over it.

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