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From ZenConfusion on 10.10.2009, 03:54:

  Noob here with a question about instruments & machines

Hello, I'm new to Psycle, and new to computerized music creation in general. I went through the tutorial on the wiki, then at the end messed around and added to it to come up with a pretty cool segment. I've also been to the songs section to see what others have done with Psycle.

I think my style is more of the alternative/rock scene, so I'm looking for presets/machines for drums and guitars. I'm currently influenced by White Stripes (mainly 7 Nation Army), so I'm trying to write for the piano, guitar, and drum.

Do these machines exist?

Thank you

From shadowbane on 10.10.2009, 05:10:


For the piano and possibly the drums I would recommend getting soundfonts and soundfont players (I have had bad luck with fluidsynth). For the guitar you should probably go with a free VST plugin.

Remember, free VSTs are your friends, and samples/soundfonts are the gifts of the gods.

the shadow runs form the light, but can never be fully driven back.

From ZenConfusion on 10.10.2009, 05:22:


Oh wow, I had never heard of VSTs before (That's how much of a noob I am!!)

Thank you very much!

I'll do a search for those and soundfonts promptly~

From Roel Smit on 11.10.2009, 11:22:


If you like to make alternative/Rock music,
you migt like the following vsts:

Dr fusion 2 (drum) - http://www.kvraudio.com/get/1771.html
Superriff - (guitar and bass) - http://www.superriff.com/download.html
Dvs guitar (guitar) - http://www.dreamvortex.co.uk/instruments/

you could also look at the DSK instruments page:
there are a few guitars, piano's and drums there

an effect that might be usable:
extremist vst (for the heavy distortion) - http://habib.webhost.pl/

They are all free to use

Have fun

From Sallecta on 20.10.2009, 11:59:


Try Prova by Safwan Matni (grand piano), i use it on my tracks

There are other stuff to check up in his page

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