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From mutilus on 07.10.2009, 02:15:

  Psycle Compo

Welcome to the latest Psycle Compo #9!

Tracking for this compo begins at 00:00am GMT October 7th 2009 and ends on 23:59pm GMT October 27th 2009.

Voting commences shortly after that, as soon as I put the vote pack together.

The rules are as follows:

* All Psycle internal/native plugins are allowed.
* Any samples allowed (but size of .psy limited to 3mb).
* All VSTs in the Psycle VST pack are allowed (Psycle VST pack is available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/psycle/files/ -- download file psycle-1.8.5-vst-bundle.exe)

* The following VST synths are also allowed:
FreeAlpha3 ( http://www.linplug.com/Download/download.htm )
Synth1 ( http://www.kvraudio.com/get/214.html )
Crystal ( http://www.greenoak.com/crystal/download.html )
Atlantis ( http://jeremyevers.com/?page_id=13 )

* KarmaFX Plugin Pack 2.1 also allowed (http://karmafx.net/#a1)

* Song can be any in any style whatsoever.

* You submit a .psy and a rendered mp3/ogg.

* 1 entry per person.

* Submit songs to me whenever you want before the deadline, but don't make them publicly available! I will make all submissions publicly available when the time for tracking has expired. You can resubmit your song as many times as you like before tracking time finishes.

* Voting: in order to vote, each participant in the compo must pick their favourite top 5 songs. Their first choice receives 5 points, 2nd choice receives 4 points, 3rd choice receives 3 points, etc.
* All votes are added up to determine final rankings.
* If you don't vote, you don't qualify for a final ranking.

Forum discussion on the compo here: http://psycle.pastnotecut.org/thread.php...=2562&boardid=1

Have fun and good luck!

github.com/hexmodemusic | soundcloud.com/hexmodemusic

From [JAZ] on 07.10.2009, 18:38:


Just a small correction. Compo 8 already existed, so this should be compo 9.


<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From mutilus on 27.10.2009, 14:23:


Tracking for the compo ends tonight at 23:59pm GMT.

If you can upload both the .psy and an ogg or mp3 version of your track to some web hosting, and then email the links to me, I will put together a list and get a votepack ready for tomorrow.

github.com/hexmodemusic | soundcloud.com/hexmodemusic

From mutilus on 30.10.2009, 01:11:


4 entries into the compo, downloadable below...

7 days to listen and vote: voting ends November 6th, 23:59 GMT.

To vote... each participant sends me their top 4 choices... so basically, just put the songs in the order you like them!

Let me know if any dead links or any problems.

Zips of all entries:

Roel Smit:



The Brainwashed:

github.com/hexmodemusic | soundcloud.com/hexmodemusic

From mutilus on 02.11.2009, 11:43:


Voting update: you pick your top 3 choices, as you can't vote for yourself!

Thanks to The Brainwashed, who made me realise the mistake when he sent his votes.

Good luck dudes.

github.com/hexmodemusic | soundcloud.com/hexmodemusic

From mutilus on 08.11.2009, 12:40:


The results are in!

1st: Roel Smit
2nd: The Brainwashed
3rd: Mutilus
AV: Shadowbane

Congrats to Roel Smit and thanks to those who participated.

github.com/hexmodemusic | soundcloud.com/hexmodemusic

From SAS on 08.11.2009, 20:05:


Congrats Roel Smit!

And congrats mutilus, to get the whole thing up and running. Wasnt able to participate on this one, but on next im most likely will

i appear, just to disappear again...

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