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From robomatix on 06.12.2008, 14:32:

  HHHHHHIIIIISSSSS when using TWS or twk on legasynth tb303

Hello everybody !

I'm new to psycle and I've a trouble with legasynth tb303 and twk... When I play the pattern without a twk the synth sound good but if i use a twk or a tws to change the value of the cut off a sound like 'HHHHHHHHHIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSS' appears...
Note that, no problem if I use the mouse to modify the cut off...

Can someone help me to solve that ?

From [JAZ] on 06.12.2008, 17:53:


such a sound could happen when there's a reverb after the machine, and the tweak somehow causes a "click".
The reverb makes that "click" to last longer.

What i don't really know is why it is doing that only when tweaking via the pattern.

Are you doing a drastic change? ( like going from min to max?) Also, you could use the tws instead of twk. That should soften the change, and as such, reduce the effect if any of it.

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From robomatix on 08.12.2008, 20:35:


Thank you for help.
I try to connect the synth directly on the master and use TWS but the annoying sound was still present...

Do you think it's a good idea to host the psy file somewhere that you can download it and check it by yourself ? It's very light, there is only a kick and a bass on two patterns...

From [JAZ] on 08.12.2008, 20:37:


I could take a look at the issue, at least to know what exactly it is. Then, I could say if it is fixable or not.

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From robomatix on 09.12.2008, 19:41:


The link : psycleladelica-reaktion-2.psy .

The bass line is on track 17 and the tws on the track 18.

I've noticed something weird, the annoying sounds come up also when I press the key '' when not recording...

Thank you for our help !

From [JAZ] on 09.12.2008, 22:18:


It isn't at all like I thought. It's like a ressonance problem, more like "diiiiiiing" than "hiiisssh".

But what's really strange is, indeed, that manual tweaking doesn't cause it, while pattern tweaking does.

I suspect that it is changing some settings and doesn't fully change them until the audio is rendered.
A twk comes always before a note (i.e. tweak, note, render audio) if it is on the pattern.

When tweaking manually, most often may happen twk, render audio, note, render audio.

At least this is my first suspicion

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From robomatix on 10.12.2008, 11:31:


Sorry for the bad description of the sound !
Have you noticed that the annoying sounds come up also when the key '' is pressed while not recording...

From [JAZ] on 10.12.2008, 19:00:


hah! indeed.
I didn't pay attention initially, since with different keyboards, the keys are mapped differently. I should have thought that you meant the key that writes the tweak.

Psycle is (erroneously) sending the note to the generator.
The generators usually ignore all the notes above noteoff (note index 120). tweak is note index 121.

So the sound is not ressonance as i said, but an actual note!

take this file:


It is compiled with a different version of visual Studio, so i am not completely sure if it will work for you. It will, if you have any other application that uses the msvcrt80.dll ( vc 2005 C runtime).

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From robomatix on 11.12.2008, 17:39:


Thank you very much !

It works !

Well done !

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