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From funkman_166 on 30.03.2002, 07:33:

  VST DLL Plug-in problems!

Hey I've downloaded alot of VST plug-ins but non of them seem to be working at all in psycle! Do I need to put them in a specific folder or even set them up or something?

Also I have Modplug Tracker and when I go get my VST DLL Plug-ins, non seem to show up at all and also they are always hidden, and the only way I can see them is if I search for them in windows by using find! So how can I unhide them so I can use them?


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From ksn on 30.03.2002, 09:15:


hello funkman

first, you need to specify to PSYCLE the path to your VST folder. you can do this in "configuration" / "settings" / "directories" menu in PSYCLE.

second, VSTs are dlls. so if your Windows is set to hide dlls (default behavior in Windows) you won't see them when browsing your hd. you have to use the "show all files" option in your Windows.


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