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From FingerSoup on 01.08.2008, 07:33:

  Forum Searching and sorting is broken

I took a look at the Compo page and noticed my entry in Compo 2 was missing (I had actually forgot which compo i entered in). Search could still be found in the Jump to combobox at the bottom of the page. Searches ended up in SQL errors.

Further, when I tried to go through Chronologically, I tried sorting First post in Ascending Order for the main board. After visiting the first page, either clicking page 2 or moving ahead to page 2, ended up resetting the sort options. pressing the go button at the bottom re-sorted the list, but kept me on page 2.

Something is horribly broken here...

On a side note - the rules sections for the compos are now updated on the Wiki. I found several thread with the rules/ammendments posted.

I thought you beat the inevitability of death to death, just a little bit...

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