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From goatsote on 20.05.2008, 18:29:

  Change vst presets from pattern view?

Hello, I want to make a psy for playing live, with my bass guitar being processed by some vst in real time and a vsti synth, and in the middle of the song I want to change the preset of a vst chained to the bass guitar (Free Amp). Is there a way to select the new preset from the pattern view?

And...is there a way to just select the next preset of the vst, for improvising purpouses just changing the preset of the free amp or the guitar rig 3.


From [JAZ] on 20.05.2008, 19:16:



Psycle doesn't offer this feature natively, but you may try sending an mcm command with a program change

this would be like this:

mcm C0 01 xx00

where C0 means change program on midi channel 0,
01 is the machine
and xx is the program index (from 0 to 7F).

Of course, this will only work if the VST supports program changes, and not only Presets.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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