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From DANCEnRg on 27.01.2008, 18:52:

  sound can set you free

I'm more requesting a tip really.

Where can I find more music that is genuinely made from the heart.

I mean not produced thinking what will sell,be popular,make you freinds,get you girls,make you be rich etc etc the list of distractions that blind us from the obvoius facts are infinate.

Music that reflects who the one ( yes thats you reading this lucky you ) really are.

for example the size of my head is.......? well not massive anyway.so why are alot of songs produced with too much reverb.well too much for a focused sound of mind anyways.

now i only know how my mind generates energy.and what music makes me feel more alive or full of energy.

and my life at this point in being is forcused around a realization of facts.yes actual truths.because the truth sets you free

and the truth is I am 1 and so is you.

does anyONE know who is making music that sends out this message.because if you send that message out it will travel like a beacon throughout eternity.

the message is a rhythm and the answer is you.
yes you reading this!!!!

live the dream and be yourself

personally I'm just a being who loves to dance because well I love being my genuine 'self' ......?

ok I'm fully aware that what i'm actually writing may by some be judged as crazy talk or deluded ego whatever.

well those people should be more careful what they believe.how could you judge someone to be crazy if your not crazy yourself.

believe your truth I beleive that the truth also sets you free from having to believe in anything or everything or nothing or ...... surely I'm making sense HEAR


From dark_virus on 27.01.2008, 20:52:


Original by DANCEnRg
I'm more requesting a tip really.

Where can I find more music that is genuinely made from the heart.

Sorry, man! Couldn't resist...

I honestly think it's very difficult to make an electronic track that has that personal expression and feeling. However, there's some electronic artists that comes close to this. To me, Dubtribe Sound System and Télépopmusik are the most soulful electronic acts to date.

To be honest, I can feel this vibe even in Kraftwerk music. "Neon Lights" almost makes me cry. But I think it's very personal.

I'm afraid there's no easy answer to your question. You should keep digging your sources, and I'm sure you'll find "that" vibe...

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From DANCEnRg on 29.01.2008, 19:54:


don't be afraid dude the answer is very easy.

and don't feel that electronic music in anyway is less or more of a real feeling than say a recorded live band.

what is real is the listenner - i.e - you is listenning to the synthesized music with a pair of very natural ears.
ears which are simply sending the vibration or rhythm electrically to the brain. just like when you listen to someone talking,you hear the sound or language and understand it .

relax the mind and let music , especially music with rhythms be the sound you listen too and it will guide you to youself far more then listenning to that little and quite voice in your head.

I.E - meanning in words is very limited.thats why we have such missunderstandings in society.The actual language used in society has'nt the depth nor bredth to express our true intentions towards one another.so miss understanding prevails and this blinding rhythm that has seemingly not allowed life to...? well realise itself is a progressive rhythm ( we can all are aware that things change.

for the good and bad if experienced at a certain level.
if undrstood for it's true form it can and will be heard that life is eternal.

why? because it simple is.

exsistance when felt without the labels that many used to define themself. boy girl women postman teacher crazy sane happy sad angry loving hoping despairing joyous sexy horny etc etc is simply being.

to be or not to be was not a question

the answer is to be for simply the knowledge that if it was'nt to be it would never had been at all.

the irony is to be truely happy you don't need to aquire many things to feel secure
you need to let go of all the things you think make you safe. face your fears and all you'll be facing is yourself.

what if you don't like what you see?

then you should free your mind more to the possibilty that all you see is yourself and allow your self a little freedom away from whatever your holding in your mind that your either bored of trying to beleive,tired of trying to fit into a society that expects me to grow old and die.........lol...lol.

sorry for ranting on but some things are worth expressing

dance forever ( not actually the concept of dancing ) move forever and your dancing. sit down and chill and your body keeps the beat for you.

die and your beat stops

choose life that stuff that surge's if free'd through your body

I was actually only intending to be funny

meanning in sound/rhythm is limitless

anyway thats my truth and I only found it by searching everyother possibility

when you find yours then you can let go of all the fear,worry etc etc or whatever is holding you back

just writing for myself


From TheTakeoverProject on 21.01.2009, 16:58:


I think electronic music can have just as much feeling and emotion as every other genre. I think the producer just needs to pour out his/her imagination into every part of the track, and let their emotion pour into every part to make maximum impact in every part. With this, the emotion you felt as you produced the song will transfer to the listener.

Now that was for a producer, as for the listener, music that has feeling isn't hard to find either, just look for some truly angry hardcore, truly emotional trance, and basically, any artist that is doing something different. I don't really know who to recommend, because my music library is random, but keep looking, and you'll find it.




From SAS on 23.01.2009, 12:40:


Original by DANCEnRg
I'm more requesting a tip really.

Where can I find more music that is genuinely made from the heart.

Easy answer: That should be YOUR music.

At least for me, each and every track ive ever made, always came out of a special feeling or made when something (be it bad or good) happened to me. So, whenever i hear those tracks, they remind me of these situations in my life and bring back the emotions i had when making the tracks.

So every track of mine, tells me a story.
Thats what music is about for me. Thats why im doing it.


i appear, just to disappear again...

From TranceMyriad on 24.01.2009, 23:46:


SAS, I agree!

Although, I remember when I first started producing, nothing sounded the way I wanted it to, so it can be a little frustrating - you know how you WANT it to sound, but it doesn't sound that way!

It's interesting how music can be tied very strongly to memories. Sometimes I go back and listen to tracks I did several years ago - apart from thinking that I wish I'd produced some of them better or fixed certain things, I also remember things that happened then or have memories of feelings etc.

The power of music!



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