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From GeometricInsanity on 11.01.2008, 19:47:

  Can you Add a New Master or is it just the one?

Hi There im having a little trouble with something im new to this but just asking can you only put so much onto the master because ive added quite a few effects to one thing and it sounds really good but i cant add anymore stuff is it because the master will only let you put so much on kinda bugging me a bit any help would be exalent as i dont want to get rid of what ive got as it took me a while to get it all sounding perfect not the whole song just the beginning part but thats all it will let me put on so any help is most apreciated

From GatorGreen on 11.01.2008, 23:06:


Group your machines to different effects and then connect the effects to master. If you don't want to make any change to the sound, use the dummy plug.

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