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From hammerplzdonthurtem on 12.12.2007, 03:32:

  tweaks in plain english

I've started messing with tweaks, and I'm having some problems wrapping my head around this stuff. Could someone please try to explain the hex values to me? For example, looking at the sampler commands there's:
0ECx - Note cut in x frames
0EDx - Note delay in x frames

so if i have the sampler in 00 and loop1.wav in sample 00, does that mean that this:
twk 00 00 0ED2

will make the sample play and cut after 2 frames? what constitutes a frame? how do i apply mutiple tweaks to a single sample? would i just use another track and the same note with a different tweak?

EDIT: cleared up confusion between note and twk

From konstancij on 18.12.2007, 12:04:


as far as i use em... tweaks is fun. every gear has "parametres", volume, pan, filter, delay etc. they are all listed in parameters err... list, as well as drawn on the user interface panel. so, you can change any value by either, UI of the gear, by changing paramter value in the list _or_ while playng pattern by twk command. twk 1a 00 ffff means set parameter 1a of instrument/effect 00 to the value of ffff. thats it.

ah, actually there's no list for native gear, so use right click to see the exact param number, or just record tweak to the track ("record tweaks" checked)

From dark_virus on 19.12.2007, 02:08:


Yes, you should use one track to each tweak.

Don't forget the "interpolate effect", where you can create a linear change in parameters values. Check out the manual for details, since my english isn't enough to describe how amazing this ressource is.

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