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From Ohm_Sweet_Ohm on 09.12.2007, 02:55:

Multiple Instances - Multiple Machines - Live

First of all, let me congratulate the developers of this great VST Host and sequencer. I have used several and Psycle has already solved problems I was having and improved the sound of my recordings. I learn something new each time I spend some time with it, but have yet to understand whether I can trigger either multiple instances of the same VST or different machines, live from my MIDI in keyboard, playing live. My experience so far is each machine needs to be input separately, recorded into the sequencer, which will then play back multiple machines simultaneously. Any light someone could shed on whether this capability exists or not would be great. Once again, many thanks to the developers...


From Directionless on 09.12.2007, 03:39:


I don't know much about MIDI so not sure if there is a MIDI function for this... but what would accomplish what you are asking is a $ VST like Chainer.

From [JAZ] on 09.12.2007, 12:16:


What you ask could be done, but is not easily to do with the way Psycle currently handles MIDI.

I.e. you would have to use your midi keyboard as if it was a sequencer, and for this, you would have to assign, from the keyboard, which instrument (set as if you changed the program) plays in which midi channel, and then, you could use different midi channels to play different instruments.

I plan to recode MIDI completely and soon, in order to improve the usage of hardware MIDI with Psycle in different fronts ( machine control, parameter changes, and several hardware at the same time )

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From Ohm_Sweet_Ohm on 10.12.2007, 03:58:


Thanks [JAZ] and Directionless... I'm using registered version N.I. Absynth 4 as well as Crystal, Synth 1, UltraSonique, etc. My primary instrument is Guitar Synth (Roland GR-1) although I've been experimenting with MIDI keyboard over the last year. My music is "Organic Ambient" with years of listening to Kraftwerk, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Andreas Vollenweider, Fripp and Eno, with a healthy dose of Pink Floyd. I like deep, rich pads with slow attack, plenty of delay, and long sustain.

I was using vsthost, of which I understand Psycle developers used at least part of Seib's engine to come up with Psycle. Anyway, Psycle works very well for my current use, and I look forward to future developments. Thanks again for a great musical tool...


From ksn on 10.12.2007, 09:33:


'Ohm Sweet Ohm' is one of my favorite electronic music tunes

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