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From prahsig on 18.11.2007, 13:03:

copying machines between projects?

Hiya, i'm pretty new with psycle, so my apologies if this is a lame question..

Is there a way to copy a series of machines between different projects?

I've looked around a bit, and all I can come up with is to save the settings for the machines individually as a preset, and then re-build them in a new project.

But it's kind of a hassle when it's not just a single machine.

Imagine I have a synth going thru 4-5 effects, all having custom settings. Is there a way to copy the whole bunch as it is, from one project to another?

From shadowbane on 18.11.2007, 13:34:


Save it as a new song and clear out all the note and tweak data. That is about the easiest way I can think of.

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From [JAZ] on 18.11.2007, 14:24:


Allowing to save/import a subset of a song is planned, but hasn't been implemented yet because it requires a change in the way songs are loaded/created.

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From prahsig on 18.11.2007, 15:12:


Hmm, okies, that would do the trick I guess..

Thanks for the quick replies..


From mutilus on 18.11.2007, 23:56:


I'd love this feature too.

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