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From Directionless on 17.10.2007, 22:59:

Is there a working MP3 player VST for Psycle



From shadowbane on 17.10.2007, 23:05:


Don't know about a MP3 player VST, but you could use RazorLame to decode it to a WAV file. Then you could use the defult sampler to play it.

the shadow runs form the light, but can never be fully driven back.

From SAS on 18.10.2007, 08:57:


Try Askywhale mp3 VST . Haven't tested it. But could be what you're looking for.

i appear, just to disappear again...

From MfM on 24.10.2007, 14:12:


why not implement the mp3 loading on internal sampler?


From hugovinagre on 24.10.2007, 22:54:


mp3 is bad for your health!!!

From Directionless on 25.10.2007, 07:19:


Original by hugovinagre
mp3 is bad for your health!!!

Under normal circumstances, I would NEVER want to do this. However it was for a compo.

Otherwise I'll make my .PSY 200MBs if that's what it takes.

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