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From jlownie on 04.10.2007, 16:18:

  Which machine can create a square pulse wave?

Hi folks,

I was looking at this page - http://lab.andre-michelle.com/playing-with-pulse-harmonics . It allows you to mess with a sine wave, changing it into a pulse and increasing the gain to gradually transform it into a square wave. I want to use a sound like this in a track I'm making.

Does anyone know of a machine (Psycle or VSTi) that can do anything like this? I'm currently using a distortion effect on a GameFX machine that generates a pulse waveform. This is OK, but it would be cool if there was a machine that did it all.



From Sartorius on 05.10.2007, 07:35:


you can try native Pooplog FM Lab

from help_pooplog_fm_lab.txt^


OSC Wave A

The waveform of the first part of the currently selected OSC. See diagram 1 below.



OSC Wave B

The waveform of the second part of the currently selected OSC. See diagram 1 below.


Wave A (The left part above 0)
1 _______
| |
| |
0 --------------------
| |
-1 /\
Wave B (The right part below 0)

Diagram 1



OSC width A:B

The ratio of the width of the left part to the right part (a:B) of the waveform. See diagram 2 below.


Osc Width 50:50 Osc width 20:80
|| ||
\/ \/

1 _______ ___
| | | |
| | | |
0 -------------------- --------------------
| | | |
|_______| |____________|

Diagram 2

From jlownie on 05.10.2007, 14:52:


Brilliant! Thanks Sartorius. I'd looked at the FM Lab but I didn't understand what wave A and wave B were, I thought they were completely different oscillators or something.

Where did you get the help file, is it part of the source code or something? I can't find it with a Google search, or on Jeremy Evers' home page.


From MfM on 06.10.2007, 10:55:


the file is in the docs section/plugin documents


From jlownie on 08.10.2007, 06:10:


Do you mean the docs section on the pscyle site - http://psycle.pastnotecut.org/stuff.php?action=docs I can't see a plugin documents link there... or do you mean another site?

From Sartorius on 08.10.2007, 08:37:


check svn or the latest distrib

From MfM on 08.10.2007, 13:00:


anyway,i meant "docs section/plugin documents" on the psycle folder on your HD....


From [JAZ] on 08.10.2007, 17:47:


thanks MfM... I almost forgot to include those in the new release

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From jlownie on 14.10.2007, 03:48:


Thanks guys I've got the docs now. Looks like they weren't included in release 1.8.2, but they are in 1.8.5.

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