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From Directionless on 09.08.2007, 02:53:

  What skin/design do you use [screenshot]

Hi fellow Psyclers. This is similar to operating system geek message boards where people post their desktop screenshots.

What skins/designs do you all use?

I'm still on 1.8.3, using 'flaxaflux_thin' pattern view & 'alk-mercury colour machines 2' machine view with a photoshopped graphic of my first mixer board to remind myself to focus on mixing.

(I love that feature BTW - loading your own graphic)

From SAS on 09.08.2007, 09:20:


Original by Directionless
...using 'flaxaflux_thin' pattern view & 'alk-mercury colour machines 2' machine view ...

Same here. But no background pic. So.. no need to post a screenie

i appear, just to disappear again...

From MfM on 09.08.2007, 21:36:


maybe i'm strange but i'm not so interested to that kind of things...i haven't had any skins or photos and something.
just psycle as it is at default


From planetvenga on 10.08.2007, 19:58:


Now that you mention it... I've never really given thought to changing Psycle's look, but I do like the more streamlined machine skins of alk-mercury. I think a background image just clutters too much..


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