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From locus on 07.08.2007, 06:08:

  pitch "rounding"

I doubt rounding is the right word for it. I'm looking for a plugin that'll let me take a sound that slides between notes & change it so that it jumps from one exact note to the next. A reverse portamento in other words.

For an example, Daft Punk used it on their vocals in the chorus of One More Time. Does anyone know if there's a Psycle or VST plugin that'll do the trick?


From [JAZ] on 07.08.2007, 10:31:


I doubt that you could achieve that with an effect. It is not impossible, but would be computationally expensive.

On the other hand, if the slide is done via a sample, then such a slide could be done on a note-by-note basis. There existed a command that did the slides in this way in old trackers. It is implemented in Psycle in Sampulse (but Sampulse is not ready for use yet).

*Maybe* you could use plugins like antares autotune and similar ones to get that effect (i never played with them, but if they auto-tune, they could be able to "stick" to notes)

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From alk on 07.08.2007, 13:07:


melodyne lets you modify the pitch of samples like that

From MfM on 07.08.2007, 14:32:


exactly as alk said,you can do the job with melodyne,it is both vst and standalone.


From locus on 08.08.2007, 01:16:


Thanks for the help everyone

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