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From [JAZ] on 19.06.2007, 22:50:

Psycle development status: June 2007

Hi everyone.

You all will be glad to know that the new version is coming along nicely.

I've been busy this last month improving the VSTHost. I hope that some of the problems that were reported on the beta2 thread should be fixed by now.
The new VST UI is functional. There is a small toolbar with a combobox for presets, and a really easy way to load banks. I hope you'll enjoy using it

Also, I've been improving other smaller things, the most visible one is a change in the sequencer list. Now it is able to show the pattern names. This should help to get a broader view of the sequence, as well as in ordering and switching patterns in it.

The bit that has stopped releasing the new beta is the Mixer machine (the send-return mixer).
I am in the process or recoding part of its internals, and especially its UI.
I am adding more parameters, and it should be able to re-route return channels to other sends.
This implies that it will be incompatible with the current one, so any song that you've made using it will need to be redone when the final version comes out. (Load song in previous beta, delete machine, save as other name, load in new host, and readd the machine)

When i have this ready, i will release the "Release Candidate" version, so that i can do the final touches and bring up 1.8.5 (yup, .5 since the jump in functionality is important).

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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