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From mutilus on 31.05.2007, 13:12:

  June 2007 : qpsycle status

Well... I was a bit optimistic a while back when I said an alpha would be ready for testing in a month or two... not quite there yet.

However, it has gotten a lot easier to set qpsycle up on your system and compile it yourself, and test it that way.

On Windows now it can be compiled with both mingw and msvc, and Bohan built the psycle plugins for Windows mingw, downloadable from here: mingw plugins. The dsound and MME drivers work fine. So if you know how to use svn and a compiler you can quite easily have a play around with it.

DJMirage and Bohan also managed to build qpsycle on Mac OSX using Fink. No sound drivers or plugins have been tested yet, but it shouldn't be too tricky to set both of those things up.

Bohan also removed the majority of any remaining GUI code out of the psycore, and wrote a little psycle player. So psycore is quite well split out now and essentially its own library.

GUI-wise Mattias has made a start reimplementing the wave editor. I've been spending more time bug-fixing than porting any big features.

If you can get the svn and compile then contributions all always welcome, be they big or small. You don't have to officially become a "full-time developer", you can just send a patch to us and we'll commit it to the repo. See: Contributing code

That's all for this month!

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From Hakyoku Seiken on 01.06.2007, 03:09:


Nice...I may be moving back to psycle land in the future seeing as how I'm starting a move from windows to linux...

It's gonna be a 6 month or so process as I slowly learn to compile programs for my own system, search out linux alternatives to the windows programs I'm kind of addicted to, etc...

Then, eventually, I'll probably have a 90% linux usage and 10% windows usage (I'm sorry, but ABA games is awesome and I *HAVE* to have those...it's just a no brainer!)

Copy and paste this link to hear random audio by me, mostly unfinished:


From mutilus on 01.06.2007, 11:09:


Great stuff... by the way, the Linux distro that I use, elive, has a few Kenta Cho games available in its repositories -- it comes preinstalled with Torus Trooper in fact!

Don't know what other distros package them, but elive is Debian-based, so any other Debian-based distro should be able to use the packages (Ubuntu, for example.)

I think most games built with SDL are easily portable to Linux.

By the way, you won't have to worry too much about compiling (unless you plan on developing ) -- it's just for programs still in development. The majority of apps are easily installed via your distro's package manager.

github.com/hexmodemusic | soundcloud.com/hexmodemusic

From Mattias on 07.06.2007, 13:47:


thank for the GUI-wise in fact wave editor it's gonna be implemente welll and ifanyone wants to see the new WaveFormViewClass ( ithink that is better to call it wavedisplay)

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