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From jizmasterzero on 15.09.2002, 22:42:

five5six, u can make a nice dirty bass sound with the m3.
set both oscillators to square and ~25:75 pw.
subosc on sine turned up full, no filt cutoff and about 1/4 resonance then play with mix type (try difference or or), envelopes and lfo's and detuning. try changing main and sub oscillator waveforms too.
whack this through that 'dist' distortion with threshold set low on both pos and neg field and clamp at max =))
got an example but dont know where to post it?? i'll mail it 2 u if u give me ur email address.

From ksn on 15.09.2002, 23:17:


well, for the example file : please upload it somewhere (if possible) and post a link to it on this thread

@ksniod on twitter

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