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From Five5six on 18.03.2002, 23:35:

  Need a Jungle Bass sound

I've been messing around with psycle and the various instruments, but even with a mess of effects, I can't seem to come up with a good Jungle/Dark-step style bass growl... Like one would hear in almost all of Ed Rush and Optical's disks...

Can anyone give me any suggestions?

From ksn on 18.03.2002, 23:44:



@ksniod on twitter

From ksn on 18.03.2002, 23:44:


there's a new psycle native synth on the way with a good pulse waveform + imbedded phase and chorus effects, which will probably help you for this

it will surely be released with 1.6final so be patient

@ksniod on twitter

From Five5six on 19.03.2002, 01:29:


Ok, so that's the sort of machine I'm looking for then?

From Pikari on 19.03.2002, 21:25:


You could also try playing with ASynth(with LFOs maybe)+Distortion+2PFilter(+Flanger etc)

at least I have made a few dark basses with those..

.if I remember right, mda dx10 had also some useful presets..

Pik - the master of short and unclear messages.

From Five5six on 19.03.2002, 23:57:


Ah, ok... Now we are getting somewhere... I had to string together two different distortion machines in order to get it to sound crunchy enough... But I'll try playing with that MDA vst as well...

What's LFO? Lowpass filter?

From FingerSoup on 20.03.2002, 03:39:


Low Frequency Oscillator, If i'm not mistaken...

I thought you beat the inevitability of death to death, just a little bit...

From sampler on 20.03.2002, 23:26:


Exactly!! they are used over the main OSCs

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From Five5six on 21.03.2002, 08:50:


Never mind, got it now... Still doesn't sound that good, but then again, ~I'm~ not that good at this still.

Thanks everyone.

From ladproject on 24.03.2002, 12:53:

  For dark basses

Try to download Muon Tau VST and connect it to some effects, also VST...

maybe you could obtain a good bass...

or find a sample and use it =]



dont judge me for my words but judge me for my music:

From Tao on 24.03.2002, 23:17:



Some good Dnb basses canbe made using AS2f imho.

Use the following setup:
1st osc: Pulse
2nd osc: pulse detuned -12

long attack to get the waaaaa sound.

Try to shape the filter enveloppe and lfos(which are some slow oscilaltors which affect one parameter-cut off, verb, pitch, whatever). If you wanna get some dirty sound: don't lower the cut off too much.

use a distorsion in some crunchy preset. No need to get trash metal all up disto. Try to tweak the sync in order to get just a good signal boost.

Try to plug the whole to a light verb with room or small hall presets. You could also add a Cross delay, depending on what u wanna get exactly.

Finally, if u wanna get a warmer sound i woudl plug the things liek this if i wer you:

|->filter(2 pole LP with cut off set low)->master

this will give ya two different bass sounds all compounding the same killer bass set. The phase difference between the two might make it sound really nice.

Is all i can do so far.....




From Five5six on 25.03.2002, 23:08:


Hmm, I understand the rest, but what is 'pulse' osc? All I see is Sine, sawtooth, Square and so on..

From ksn on 26.03.2002, 00:52:


try the new FeedMe synth. use a pulse waveform (yes FeedMe has a pulse waveform). use chorus, phase and distortion at taste.
(option : use Tao's trick on this sound)

maybe this could sound good

@ksniod on twitter

From Five5six on 26.03.2002, 03:54:


Okies, I'll try that.. But using OSC 1 as random and OSC 2 square at -12 tuning and the rest of his settings has he said has giving me something very very crunchy...

Now, to do something with it!

From Tao on 26.03.2002, 12:03:


Well pulse=SQUARE but depends on the phase...
So lemme re- explain:
osc1: SQUARE _| |_
osc2: square too but detuned one octave lower =-12

it's sure that using distorsion +chorus will produce several unwanted harmonics or a Crunchy sound. What you could do is to use an EQ before the distorsion or after it depending on how u set up that one. There are several free vst EQs, follow the links on the vst board.

If i find time i'll make a quick setup for you and post it on the boards...




From Five5six on 26.03.2002, 21:04:


That would be great, actually, posting setups and settings for anything at all would be great.

But right now, based on your first message, I have a very wide and nasty sounding Bass buzz..

Now I just have to get back to programming the drum line.

From Tao on 26.03.2002, 23:27:


i did a small template for ya
is maybe more IDMish taht jungle but.....

download it here

I hope it can suit ur needs



From Five5six on 27.03.2002, 03:27:


Actually, that's not exactly what I was thinking of, but what you have there is brilliant, and something you just through together I'd imagine. Wow.

*Sighs* Wish I had a decent file host so I could show you the sound I've found that matches that Dieselboy or Ed Rush Jungle/Tech sound...

Please tell me you are doing something with this piece you sent me, It's very cool.

From Tao on 27.03.2002, 12:44:


hey thx

I figured out by making it i t was not exactly the sound u were looking for.

Anyway, try to tweak it a bit. Change the env and such

Cya round



From Five5six on 28.03.2002, 01:36:


Here's what I came up with based off your first suggestion Tao...


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