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From mutilus on 03.05.2007, 18:24:

  May 2007: qpsycle status

Hello all.

Development continues on qpsycle, albeit a bit slower at the moment as I have less time to spend on it. It's fully ported to Qt, the gui/core is pretty much split, and there are Alsa, Jack, and esound drivers for Linux. Plenty of the fundamentals are in place, and the main thing at present is refining the machine, pattern and sequencer views.

I'm personally focusing on the Linux side of things, as that's the most important thing to me making Psycle songs natively in Linux. (Windows users already have a pretty great app for doing the same ). That doesn't stop others from working on it in Windows though, and we recently had a post to the mailing list from a coder who had successfully built it on Windows. Also, Mattias/Gravity0 is setting it up on Windows, and is making a development pack for other Windows devs in the process (containing the various downloads you need to get started.)

There's various development documents at the wiki here for anyone interested, we're always happy to have new people getting involved.

github.com/hexmodemusic | soundcloud.com/hexmodemusic

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