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From mutilus on 01.04.2007, 13:43:

  april 2007: qpsycle status

Wow, April already.

After some heated debate behind the scenes at #psycle, we have decided to switch toolkits again -- this time to the Motif toolkit. This way, motopsycle will be more readily deployable on Unix workstations, which I think will open psycle to a wider community.


OK that was my brief attempt at an April Fool's joke, now on to more serious matters...

qpsycle is progressing very well. I have been working on it a lot, and Magnus has made some nice bugfixes/additions in various places.

Presently we have a machine view, a pattern box, a pattern view, and a sequencer view. You are able to:

* add a sampler and load some samples
* add some of the psycle plugins
* connect machines together
* rename and delete machines
* do keyjazz
* visually tweak the parameters of the machines

* create patterns in different categories
* delete, rename and clone patterns and categories, and change the colour of the categories
* enter notes into a pattern, with the ability to change the pattern step, and the octave
* make selections (currently just via the keys, with FT-style) and copy and paste those selections

* add patterns to the sequencer
* add, move, and delete tracks in the sequencer
* drag and drop patterns in a given track in order to resequence

* get playback via the Alsa, Jack and Esound drivers

* save and reopen songs, and send them to your friends

It is still very much in development status, with bugs, crashes, and missing features, but you can still have plenty of fun with it already If you have Linux and are comfortable with using svn and compiling programs, you should be able to build and use it very easily.

It has been successfully compiled on Windows at one point, however the latest additions have not been tested in Windows yet. However, if you know what you are doing you should be able to get it to compile on Windows too.

As always, screenshots, general info and developer info can be found at the wiki: http://psycle.sourceforge.net/wiki/Qpsycle

Hopefully within a month or so we can have an Alpha version ready for non-developers to do some testing on


github.com/hexmodemusic | soundcloud.com/hexmodemusic

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