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From funkman_166 on 13.03.2002, 06:07:

Stopping effects?

Does anyone know how to completly stop a note and it's effects at the same time or something like that? Cause I put OFF and also the C00 , but it still doesn't seem to stop the reverb or other effects like that. Is there a way? Please tell me

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From Pikari on 13.03.2002, 18:11:


You should put the volume of the last effect machine before the master to 00 by using FCxx command

like this:
--- fx wire FC00

fx=the number of the effect machine + 40(hex)
wire=the number of the wire that you want to fade out (click that wire and you'll see the number)

hmm.. now this was hard. you didn't understand, did ya?

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From [JAZ] on 13.03.2002, 20:45:


hi funkman.

Your question is a bit strange since, in the reverb example, you want it to do the effect (reverberation) rather than stop at the same time.

But I understand that sometimes it can do nice effects stopping them.

Once, it was asked a feature to enable/disable "bypass" from the pattern editor. I never added it because a HARD switching causes clicks most of the time and this is undesiderable.

So the option you have is the one that Pikari has said. It can cause clicks also, since there isn't a microrramped change, but it was usefull for more things.

I don't know how this will be achieved in Psycle 2 yet. ( I'm not coding the core)

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