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From sampler on 12.05.2011, 21:40:


hey Giluc! Welcome to the community of Psycle.

Yes, with Psycle you can do all you have in your mind.
It almost no has limits, you'll notice this when you listen to some songs made with psycle by some psyclers.

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From Giluc on 12.05.2011, 23:36:


Yeah I've noticed it's very "free" in the way that if you want to do something, there's most likely not anything standing in your way. I also love, love, LOVE the "mindmap"-system with the different effects and instruments... makes it much easier. I only planned to learn how to use this program properly because of the teaching, and the fact that it's free, so all the students can legally download it, but now I can see that it has several points in where it's actually better than FL Studio, Ableton, and all of those programs. And thank you for your welcome.

From KERMITT on 13.05.2011, 10:14:


Here is all the music I done http://www.yiking-music.com/
http://www.yiking-music.com/ since I first started with Psycle a few years ago not over flowing the ten years....

I am not a musician......and I never played any instruments before Psycle....

Now I added a few other freewares to Psycle for more creations ease.... like AUDACITY....like GOLDWAVE and some others ones in my secrets of creation......

So you see, Psycle is Powerfull......and I thank so much ARGURU and all the ones that maintain Psycle TIP TOP and FREE..........because they really deserve it.....

check my MUSICS




and if u don't know it yet,,BANDCAMP is the music site to be on to sell your musics

I love PSYCLE n AUDACITY, thanks to you that keep them free

From Rafdows on 19.06.2011, 20:26:


Yes, you are right!!

I've done it on here, make a check:



From metalthrix on 07.06.2012, 17:39:


Hi EveryBody !!!

I am a new user of psycle and i just want to say that i totally love this software better than any other free tracker i used before !!!

Thanks to everyone that contributed to it !!!

From skovix on 21.04.2017, 11:52:


I've found Psycle by accident and I wish I only had SUCH accidents It's simply great!

PS. I work with sample packs provider from London. If the developers are interested, we can think of some mutual promotion. You can reach me and I'll check the Psycle forum for the response. The site is Lucidsamples. The best thing about the Internet is the possibility to cooperate on Worldwide level

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