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From [JAZ] on 21.10.2006, 18:16:

  Psycle Development status - October 2006

Updated (Again!)
(november already, ouch!)

This is the status of psycle as of today:

psycle-1.8-bugfixes branch ( the upcoming 1.8.5 release ) :

* the new VST host (2.4 compatible) is half done. The internal code is more or less ready (needing some tweaks to improve the compatibility). The GUI needs some work,the editor needs to be done, and the presets management (.fxb/.fxp) is 3/4 done.

* The keyboard remapping bug is finally fixed. Appart from this, only few bugs have been fixed. No new features.

psycle branch ( Psycle 1.9 alpha ):

* stopped. It has served as a base for xpsycle, as well as expanding on ideas and features. ( automation machine, better add machine dialog, works towards multi-io machines..)

xpsycle branch ( xpsycle, or psycle for linux ):

* The main features of this branch already include the much desired multipattern sequencing, support for ladspa plugins, and the port of many of the native plugins.
To do this, it includes a completely new event-based playback engine, a new fileformat, as well the continuation of the source reestructurations initated in psycle 1.9.
On the todo list, there is still multi-IO connections, support for automation, and improved midi in/out functionality.

Its status is alpha, but works. (songs can already be done!), and it is licensed under the GPL (we keep open)

Due to the amount of work involved in this rewrite, we urgently need some developers to finish all these things. This is specially true because it is done mostly by a single person, who doesn't have as much time right now, and the development goes slow.

Update: A new coder has already joined, mutilus, who is helping on the usability side right now. We still need help on the audio/midi part, portability, and design.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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