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From radi on 11.03.2002, 15:11:

  Missing or corrupted VSTplugin in win2000

I have two operating systems, Win98 which works good with Psycle, and Win2000 NT which currently isn't fully compatible with psycle i guess... when i try to load a VST plugin, it says "Missing or corrupted VST plug-in"
with all of the vst plugins. (i guess it has something to do with the access to directories in win98 and win2000 NT)

Well you'll probably tell me to use win98, but when i'm in win2000 i don't wanna wait 3 mins to reset back to win98...

From alk on 11.03.2002, 19:19:


I'm using w2k with psycle & it works perfectly..

I would say your problem is that Psycle stores it's path info in the registry. You probably just have to re-enter the paths while running w2k.


From alk on 11.03.2002, 19:20:


btw are we gonna hear some music from you?

From odo on 11.03.2002, 20:24:


I`m using XP and sometimes i have a problem with VST plugins

(NINJA and Synthetic II)


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