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From surpherosa on 02.08.2006, 15:20:

  Some info about the psycle machins...

Hello everyone!

Can anyone give me some links about the psycle machines?
I believe there are some posts about it but I canít find it.


From oursvince on 02.08.2006, 20:26:


You'll probably find what you're looking for here:
Cheers Vince


From surpherosa on 02.08.2006, 22:29:


Oh, yes...I mean some info about the native plugins not the vst, because there are no descriptions or readme files related to the native plugins (in the help files, the wiki and every source of info that I already found)

From MfM on 02.08.2006, 22:51:


that's true i always thought to make a detailed list of every plugins with some exaplanation and maybe some demos for particular ones...but i need time what you really would to know..


From surpherosa on 02.08.2006, 23:49:


Well, some details or descriptions about the fx in the first place. You know, I think that people, especially the beginners, that try to use psycle, will go directly to vst that already have support info or are just well known and perhaps better. The psycle native plugins in my view remain just an alternative or worst just some demo machines.

For instance, the fx- there are some that I really don't know exactly what they are. I can hear what they can do, but I don't know were to put them. Like I said, this is an issue specific to the music artists that just have started and don't have professional knowledge on dsp and music theory; but because usually psycle, as other open source and free software, is intended for the independent scene (were newcomers are many) I think that a strong support on all the native plugins should be a "must have". An example I just found is here:

So, my first question is: how good the native plugins are? and how good compared to the vst alternatives? because I just want to use psycle in its full potential! anyway they sound good

From MfM on 03.08.2006, 23:29:


ok i know what you mean,and is exactly what i wish to do in the future,i'll see...
if you want some exaplanations about some fxs you can just ask here.
and concerning the use of VSTs:well they are surely more complex than the native one especially those commercial ones,but i can say you that you can also get some very good sounds out of a native generator,for example look at some compo tracks from"compo #4 and #5"you can hear lots of cool synths made with native plugins ....


From itq922 on 04.08.2006, 19:21:


edit: Oh I am so stupid I forgot that there were some insturments here.

Is it possible for someone to program a generator or an effector for psycle or do you have to use the VST for insturments?

It is very understandable that it cannot use Buzz ones.

Do some people actually make instuements just for psycle?

From [JAZ] on 04.08.2006, 22:15:



what do you think the "native machines" are?
There aren't many, and even when it is easy to code one, it is also a bit limited and sometimes a VST is a better option.

Edit , for clarity:

There are around 60 native machines, some of them quite good.
It is always welcome that people make native plugins, even if they opt to make VST's too.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;∑D

From itq922 on 05.08.2006, 05:34:


Thats true.

I could of wish there was two of features in psycle.

First one is the sequencer, I very recently hear they have are developing it.

Second one is, slider recorder that will allow you to tweak virtual dials and have those modulations recorded as well.

I'll bet that is extremely difficult to implement unless if that exists.

From TranceMyriad on 05.08.2006, 08:34:


Feature #2 already exists: do a search in the help file for "record tweaks"



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