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From frog_jr on 22.07.2006, 17:08:

  midi controller

Hi, just tried a Midiman (M-Audio) USB midi controller. The keyboard and pitchbend wheel worked immediately, but I am curious as to how to make the 8 additional controller rotary knobs (pots) and 2 sliders to work. My brief look at Psycle's midi documentation indicates using Midiyoke with sequencers, and so far I am assuming that also applies to midi keyboards and controllers -- but I have a lot to learn in this regard. Does anybody have advice in this regard? I would like to use these other input controls if possible, and maybe someday use other midi controllers too. I appreciate any input you may have. Thanks, Frog

From frog_jr on 23.07.2006, 04:36:


Read more of the documentaion. Been to the Midi Yoke site. It looks doable.

From [JAZ] on 23.07.2006, 10:49:


There are two MIDI implementations in current Psycle (well.. the same implementation, for different objectives, actually).

The first one is the one described in the documentation. It tries to use Psycle as a virtual instrument, controlled by an external sequencer. This is where MidiYoke enters into play. MidiYoke allows for the sequencer to send MIDI events to Psycle, it creates the virtual ports where the sequencer can write, and Psycle listen.

In this mode, the Sequencer has to define everything via midi commands (the special commands are the ones described in that documentation). Which instrument listens to which midi channel, syncronization..
It is the most powerful mode, but it is not really usable for hardware.

The second mode is keyboard mode (or message mapping).

It was designed initially to simply allow to use a MIDI keyboard to enter notes and use Psycle. It uses the selected machine to send the notes to, and can uses the MIDI Controller page in the configuration to translate some MIDI events to actions. Velocity and Pitch are set by default (because they are quite standard)
Then, you could map those controllers of your Edirol to specific tweaks and that would work..
(to know what message does each knob/slider, you can select "enter MIDI as RAW", and while in the pattern, tweak them).
("Enter MIDI as RAW mcm" can be better for some VST's, since probably the Hardware has already setup common controls to those knobs/sliders, but native plugins would not understand it)

This approach is limited in that it needs to be reprogrammed each time, and I am worried about finding an alternate way of doing it. (i bought recently a MIDI keyboard with controllers specifically to further develop this).

Edit: To switch between modes, go to the Input/Output tab of the Configuration, at the bottom of the MIDI hardware selection, there is this checkbox.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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